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Area Sales Managers

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Sales Director`

Scott O'Neill
m.07771 175057

Key Accounts Manager

Dan Martin
m.07595 607966

For enquiries about our products and services within your region, please contact one of the following account managers:

Regional Map


Gerry Murnin
m.07595 607965

Northern Ireland

John McErlean
m.07800 911789

North West and North Wales

Contact Sales Office

North East

Steve Banton
m.07510 222957

Midlands and Mid Wales

Neil Graham
m.07854 943619

London (North) and East Anglia

Liam Bull
m.07540 412013

South Wales and South Midlands

Trevor Jones
m.07961 831072

South West

London (South) and South East

Colin Cameron
m.07899 663382

London (Central) and South

Jasmit Rai
m.07702 735516

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